What is this eBook about?

Campus Hiring has been changing in scope and potential every year. Competing with the whos who of the industry, for the best candidates, has become an ever evolving problem statement. The millenial student body yearns to be a part of quick growth, a transformational story and great culture - not just another secure job.

This e-book breaks down the approach into 5 basic, must-take steps in Campus Hiring with Case Studies. We've sprinkled in some unorthodox methods too!

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  • Begin Early - The power of Campus Connect Programs
  • Attract Talent with Online Storytelling
  • Pre-Placement - Sell Dreams, not Stats
  • Digital War - From Resumes to Assessments
  • Embrace Ambiguity
  • Think Differently | Get Inspired - Uncommon Campus Hiring Strategies

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